Delivering Excellence in Patient-Centered Accident Injury Care


If you've been injured in an auto accident, it is important to receive medical care as soon as possible. Our credentialed medical providers can help you get the care you need … even if you have been turned away by others.  No attorney?  No insurance?  We can help! is an Oklahoma-based medical credentialing group focusing accident injury care.  In addition to assisting individuals immediately in the Oklahoma City area, we aim to benefit third-party administrators and health insurance payers, regionally and nationwide, through the effective submission of medical claims to third-party liability payers.


Third-Party Administrators Oklahoma City


For patients in Oklahoma City, we offer multiple medical service lines under one roof.

  • 3 Licensed MDs on full-time staff

  • 2 Licensed Mid-Levels on full-time staff

  • Diagnostic Medical Imaging on site (MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Fluoroscopy)

  • Licensed Physical Therapist on full-time staff

  • 2500 sq. ft dedicated PT gym on site 

  • Board Certified Interventional Radiologist on full-time staff

  • Pain management services

  • In-office outpatient pain procedures

  • Pharmacy on site

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Peace-of-Mind for TPAs, Employers, and Injured Individuals

1.   Exhaustion of Auto Insurance … Including Third-Party Liability Coverages

Wherever possible, our providers and their staff attempt to verify all applicable automobile insurance coverages – including third-party liability payers – and to work with the various parties to determine primary and/or reasonably-viable sources of financial responsibility.  Our providers make every appropriate effort to exhaust such sources before balance billing any other sources of payment under law or contract, assuming balance billing is permitted. 

2.   Reduction of Need for Subrogation and Recoupment

Every year, the health insurance industry expends significant time, money and energy attempting to recover duplicate payments and/or overpayments in accident injury scenarios – costs which can be reduced or avoided through cooperative efforts.   Our providers aim to be part of this industry solution.

3.   Compliance with Balance Billing Terms and Protocols

We aim to work closely with third-party administrators and other appropriate parties to establish and foster compliance with appropriate balance billing terms and protocols. 

4.   Commitment to Clinic-Level Systemization, Training, and A/R Management

In mid-2018, we committed to custom-developing a world-class infrastructure for more effectively managing accident injury accounts at the clinic level.  This system will play an important role in the delivery of clinic-level systemization, training, and A/R management services wherever our providers are located.

5.   Assisting Patients in Navigating the Complexities of Accident Cases

The simple reality is – no one enjoys getting into an accident such as an auto accident.  Accidents can be extraordinarily disruptive.  They can and often do result in injuries (in some cases, debilitating injuries), lost work, lost services and opportunities, damage to one’s vehicle, etc.  And then on top of that, you have the complexities of dealing with the resulting bills and insurance claims.  Working together with our providers, we are sensitive to these facts and aim to help our injured patients – your members and insureds – more easily cope with and navigate the process to the extent we are reasonably able. 

6.   Assisting Patients, Both Represented and Unrepresented 

Not all patients who have been injured in an accident choose to retain an attorney.  Each may have his or her own personal reasons for choosing whether or not to retain an attorney.  Our position is that the choice whether or not to retain an attorney should rest with the patient.  In most cases, our providers and staff can provide care under the agreed-upon terms irrespective of whether the patient – your member or insured – elects to retain an attorney or not.

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Program Expansion

Once we finish beta-testing our program in Oklahoma City, OK, we aim to expand our offerings into other geographic areas.


Medico-Legal Provider Credentialing

As a credentialing organization, our primary focus is on the development of medico-legal standards associated with accident injury scenarios.  When it comes to medical credentialing, we currently accept as sufficient evidence that the provider has been credentialed by any NCQA-certified or other bona fide medical credentialing group.  Primary areas of development currently include:

  1. Provider Standards

  2. Financial Policy Standards

  3. Non-Discrimination Standards

To discuss our medico-legal credentialing program further, we invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience.


Disclaimers – What We Are Not

We are not a law firm and cannot offer legal advice.  We are also not a legal referral service.  Our position is that the choice of representation should rest with the patient and that each clinic that wishes to assist the patient in finding an attorney, shall do so upon its own cognizance.  We are principally a medico-legal credentialing organization focusing on accident injury scenarios.  When it comes to medical credentialing, we currently accept as sufficient evidence that the provider has been credentialed by any NCQA-certified or other bona fide medical credentialing group.  As we expand our program, we aim to offer referral services for assisting third-party administrators, employers, and injured individuals to find credentialed providers.